Recent progress in the measurement, modeling, and manipulation of matter and phenomena at the scale of 1-100 nanometers has the potential to revolutionize information processing, data storage, sensors, power generation, materials, environment, robotics, and medicine. Successful development of nanotechnology will require integration of many different fields.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research, CINR, is a focal point and catalyst for nanotechnology research as well as a clearinghouse for nanotechnoloy information. CINR brings together the people and resources neccesary to make progress in the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology.

Workshop on Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research: Presentations

Sensors and Bio/medical Applications Session

Gary Fedder, ECE
Interfacing to the Nano-world through MEMS

Sara Majetich, Physics
Yoed Rabin, Mech E
George Majetich, Chemistry, U. of Georgia
Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Todd Przybycien, Chem E
Millicent Ow, Chem E
Colloidal Gold Vectors for Nucleic Acid Delivery

Nanotechnology Building Blocks Session

Bruce Armitage, Chemistry
Biomolecular Recognition in the Synthesis of Novel Materials

Rick McCullough, Chemistry
The Development of Nanoscale, Plastic Electronic Materials

Tomasz Kowalewski, Chemistry
Block Copolymers as Building Blocks for Novel Nanostructures

David Yaron, Chemistry
Modeling the Photophysics of Organic Semiconductors

Magnetics and Data Storage Session

James Bain, ECE
Nanotechnology Issues in Thermally Assisted Recording for 1Tbit/in2

Katyun Barmak. MSE
Phase Transformations at the Nanoscale

Michael McHenry, MSE
Magnetic Nanocomposite Materials for High Temperature Applications

Jian-Gang Zhu, MSE
Magnetic Random Access Memory: Promises and Challenges

Computation and Electronics Session

Seth Goldstein, CSD and ECE
Electronic Nanotechnology and Reconfigurable Computing

David Greve, ECE
Nanoscale Electronics

Stuart Staley, Chemistry
Conduction of Charge Across Organic Bridges: Towards Molecular Wires and Switches